Round 12v Auto Feeder Plastic


  • Powered by either a 12 volt battery – a 12 volt 7Ah  battery gives best results and the Motor  connections can be moved to fit this size battery . Our feeder battery lasts 4-5 weeks feeding 2-3 times a day.
  • Pest guard protects against vermin attack 
  • Easy-to-use, programmable controller offers you the choice of feeding times, the duration and power 
  • Choose up to 6 feeds a day and a run time of 1-99 seconds 
  • Lockable door latch 
  • Full setup and programming instructions included 
  • spare fuse included 
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This is a carefully designed automatic feeder which mounts to the bottom of a barrel containing feed.   
Perfect for feeding poultry and game, Deer, Wild Boar as well as fish and livestock, automatic feeders are a tremendous asset to poultry and game keepers in many situations. Knowing that your birds etc are being fed even if you are not there to do it, can lift a tremendous amount of responsibility from your shoulders in a busy schedule.   
Tested with a variety of different feeds 
  • Corn 
  •  Poultry pellets 
  •  Fish pellets 
  •  Layer mix 
  •  Meal worm
  • Maze
  • Wheat
  • Barley

This Automatic Feeder Kit can be used with any metal or plastic container to turn a simple dispenser into a reliable, automatic feeder.

The complete kit contains a timer, motor and spinner plate. It also comes with easy to follow instructions for setting the timer. The timer features an easy to read digital display timer clock which can be programmed to dispense feed 1 to 6 times per 24 hours. 

The unit now comes with the 7 day upgraded timer MK 3 white 7 day,  so individual days can be programmed and multiple feeds can be set on specific days .Great for a pheasant shoot running on a Wed or a Sat. It also has a battery level indicator .Feed test button.The feed times are stored in the timers memory so you just have to set correct time when changing batteries .

The motor can also be controlled to run for between 1 and 99 seconds per feed, depending on how often and how long you set the timer, this will feed from 1 – 360 Birds or Deer and Wild  Boar (Pheasant, Duck, Chickens etc.) Food will be scattered by the spinner plate in a 360 degree circle around the hopper. The feeder can also be adjusted to spin at either Low Med or High power to vary the distance it spreads the feed from the barrel. Also the higher the feeder is placed the greater distance it will spread feed. Feed can be spread from 3 to 30 feet.  Great for Wild Boar and Deer they learn the feeding times.

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