Spanish Monteria 16th-17th November 2023


Expected bag:  +/- 330 animals
25 hunters

4,900 Euro (Exchange 1.12 APROX)

20 in stock



Expected bag:  +/- 330 animals

25 hunters

Quota per hunter.

6 males, 10 females, Mouflon males and females and wild boars without quota

+/-  100 males
+/- 200 females
+/-  30  wild boar

Transportation from/to nearest airport
Hunting permits and insurance

Not included:
VAT 21%
Non hunter companion (150 EUR/day)
Rifle hire (100 EUR/gun/day) (ammo not included)
Alcoholic beverages outside the hunting area

Taxidermy (from 75 EUR) and shipping costs

November is one of the best months for the Spanish monterias because the first colds are already noticeable and the animals no longer feel the heat, the tracks become more evident and the dogs work much better, which has a very positive effect on the results at the end of the day’s riding.

Also the first and desired rains have finally made an appearance and the field is already cooler, perfect for hunting.

The wild boars are ready to begin their rut and the large males begin to make their appearance in the hunts, although as always the females and the youngest are the first to move as soon as they feel the dogs and, therefore, the first to enter the post.

The groups of females with their already grown young and some good male that accompanies them make our day happy if we get fit and we can enjoy a good shoot.

This Monteria, which is going to take place in the Andalucia mountains, during the days of 2nd and 3rd of November 2021 is a very exclusive Monteria because of the low number of hunters and the huge quota we are offering per hunter. this, added to the wide bag of animals we are going to get, makes it one of the most attractive hunts on the market. If you are looking for an epic experience in Spain, do not hesitate to book this date and remember it forever.


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