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Rotary Magnets

Telescopic Pigeon Magnet

Telescopic Pigeon Magnet

Telescopic Pigeon Magnet

Fully telescopic body and arms. Weight    3.2 Kgs 7lbs
High quality steel powder coated in green for long lasting finish.
Adjustable arm angle to give you the perfect decoy height whatever the terrain.
3 Spike trident provides great stability and flat packs.
Removable v-sections, so you can use dead birds as well as decoys.
Straight extendable arms for easy transport. Longer straight arms for faster decoy speed.
Closed arm length - 27", 690mm.
Extended arm length - 49.5", 1260mm.
Please choose any optional extras you require from the drop down menus above.
Magnet bag available

Does not come with a battery charger, can purchase separately
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John Dicks - Derbyshire
Bought the magnet just to add a little movement to my pattern, never used rotary' sorry flappers before, just static shell and full bodied decoys.

So, turned up on some rape stubble and set my pattern with the magnet at its head, two pro flaps and away we went. I was very happily surprised, the maget continually pulled birds in from a distant flight line. This would never have happened just using static birds. I also found that the Pro Flaps were more effective than using dead birds, and much less of a drain on the battery. My only criticism (and it is a small one) is that the dead bird cradle design isn't the best, not sure I'm even using it correctly but it did seem very fiddly.

Overall I'm very pleased with the Pigeon Magnet, it seems well made and definitely made a difference to the amount of birds shot!
Matthew - Kidson
Brilliant magnet, use it regularly with no problems!