Black Widow Slingshot Catapult by Barnett


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Black Widow Slingshot Catapult by Barnett

The well-known Black Widow from the slingshot specialists Barnett is the top-selling catapult in the UK!

This is the latest model that has the new packaging that’s designed to be used as a belt holster and ammo dispenser.

The Black Widow slingshot design comes with a foldaway wrist brace, and a non-slip grip contour moulded grip.

This model has 30 percent more power than the old one due to the improved new slingshot rubber band; the band also has a robust leather ammo grip.

The black widow can be used for hunting or target practice


  • Green eco friendly mud balls also Keeping clean hands!
  • Fold away arm brace for super steady aiming.
  • Leather ammo grip for superb comfort.
  • Contoured soft touch non-slip grip.
  • There is also some FREE AMMO that comes with the slingshot – (10 Steel .38 Ball bearings BB’s.)

Beware of inferior imitations this is a GENUINE Barnett Black Widow

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