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Make travelling with your firearm safe by loading these GUN-LOK cartridges into your barrel and securely locking with the key when you get on the move to protect yourself against losing your license if your firearm gets stolen or having unwanted people trying to fire your weapon!

Once outside the protection of the home, a shotgun is more vulnerable to opportunistic, accidental or unlawful acquisition. Transit to and from clubs, shows or organised shoots, carries many vulnerability risks. Also, gun-dealers, demonstrators and retailers regularly attend shows and exhibitions – necessarily involving the transport and display of multiple and minimally secured weapons.

GUN-LOK 12G Twin Pack is a security device that effectively addresses the above risks by internally locking the breech of a shotgun therefore preventing the insertion of an ammunition round. GUN-LOK has a profile similar to that of a typical cartridge and is quick and easy to fit. Its in-built ‘fail-safe’ anti-tamper provisions make GUN-LOK highly resistant to attack or unauthorised removal. In addition, due to its low profile, GUN-LOK allows shotguns and separate barrels to be normally stored and transported. GUN-LOK is simply inserted into the shotgun breech in the same way as a cartridge and with a few key turns of the integral multi-pin lock, the shotgun breech is effectively inaccessible. GUN-LOK 12G Twin Pack has been especially designed to actively resist force and to be ‘fail-safe’. Any determined attempt to remove GUN-LOK by force, including attempts to remove by drilling, will result in progressively tighter locking and possible permanent blocking of the shotgun breech.

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