1 Man Hide Set

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Elevate your hunting game with our exclusive 1 Man Hide Set – the ultimate blend of concealment, comfort, and convenience. Picture this: an Extra Tall Bucket Seat & Backpack for swift mobility, a Pop Up Hide Tent for easy setup, Four Dual Spike Hide Poles for enhanced concealment, and the Stealth Ghost Professional Net for total invisibility. Lightweight, compact, and designed for solo adventurers, this set is your ticket to unmatched hunting success. Don’t just hunt – hunt smarter with our 1 Man Hide Set.

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Introducing our comprehensive 1 Man Hide Set, meticulously designed to elevate your hunting experience to new heights. This all-in-one solution includes four essential items that seamlessly integrate to provide unparalleled concealment, comfort, and convenience.

1. Extra Tall Bucket Seat & Backpack Attachment: Embark on your hunting adventure with the Extra Tall Bucket Seat & Backpack attachment, offering a perfect blend of portability and comfort. With a seat height of 50cm and a width of 30cm, it stands 8cm taller than competitors, ensuring effortless mobility. The padded swivel seat and backpack, which doubles as storage, make this attachment an essential companion for any solo hunter. Quick and smooth rotation are guaranteed, providing you with the agility needed in the field.

2. 1 Man Pop Up Hide Tent: Efficiency meets comfort with our 1 Man Pop Up Hide Tent. This all-in-one solution combines chair and hide tent components for swift assembly and disassembly in under 2 minutes. The built-in comfortable seat accommodates a 6ft man with shooting equipment and lunch. Its spacious, lightweight, and weather-resistant design, complete with three viewing windows and a large panoramic front opening, ensures you stay concealed and comfortable throughout your hunting expedition.

3. Pack of Four Dual Spike Hide Poles with Camo Canvas Bag: Enhance your concealment strategy with our Pack of Four Dual Spike Hide Poles. These poles feature a unique twist and lock system for quick and secure adjustments, ensuring stability during use. The dual spike design facilitates easy ground insertion, while the smooth hook accommodates your net securely. Crafted from super-strong reinforced steel, fully powder-coated in hard NATO green, and extendable from 44 to 76 inches, these hide poles provide the support you need. The included Camo Canvas Bag, with a shotgun case-style strap, adds an extra layer of convenience for easy transportation.

4. Stealth Ghost Professional Net 4m x 1.5m 3ply: Unleash the power of total invisibility with our Stealth Ghost Professional Net. Measuring 4 meters by 1.5 meters, this net offers two layers of green and one leafy layer for the ultimate concealment. Compact and lightweight, it compacts down to approximately 1 sq. ft and weighs around 1.5 pounds. The innovative pattern and texture, including a British foliage disruptive camo pattern, a 3-Dimensional moving leaf effect, and a black micromesh backing for two-way visibility, make this net the pinnacle of camo technology.

Equip yourself with the complete 1 Man Hide Set, where every component harmoniously combines to provide you with the ultimate advantage in the field. Elevate your hunting game with unmatched concealment, mobility, and comfort.

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