Automatic Solar Game Feeder with Choice of Battery and Charger


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Automatic Feeder with Solar Panel 

Metal automatic feeder with a strong 12v motor, solar panel and big dispenser, that simply mounts to the bottom of a barrel containing feed.
This Automatic Feeder can be used with any metal or plastic container to turn a simple feeder into a reliable dispenser. The complete kit contains a timer, a motor, a spinner plate and solar panel. The timer is a digital display timer clock that can be programmed to feed 1 to 6 times per 24 hours. The motor can also be controlled to run for between 1 and 60 seconds per feed. Food will be scattered buy the spinner plate in a 360 degree circle around the hopper. The feeder can also be adjusted to spin at either 25, 50, 75 or 100% power to vary the distance it spreads the feed from the barrel.

Feed can be spread from 1 m – 10 meters.

– Simply mounts onto the bottom of a barrel containing feed
– Keeps your birds fed all the time, even when you are not there.

Great for Duck,Pheasant, Wild Boar .
– Easy to programme, comes with full instructions
The Timer – Can be programmed to feed between 1 and 6 times a day. Also allows you to change the time of day, length of spin time and even the speed of motor. The power of the motor can also be changed to vary the distance it throws the feed.
– Spins feed 360 degrees

Feeds wheat ,Barley,Maze ,Corn,Fish food ,Pellets see our website for video of feeder in action .

The feeder spreads the feed in a full 360 degree circle, for maximum coverage. Feeder Size- 19cm x 19cm x 24cm.

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