Wireless Home Security Alarm and Sensor


Increase your security with this 1ByOne PIR system!

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Wireless Home Security Alarm and Sensor

The 1byone driveway alert alarm provides a solution to alert you the moment someone enters your property. It’s not only very convenient but also extremely affordable. When movement is detected, the Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor sends a wireless signal to the receiver from up to 100m/328ft away.

By adjusting the receiver, you can choose to be alerted by a high or low chime or alarm tone, or instead, with just a silent LED flash. What’s more, the receiver can pair with up to 50 sensors, effectively securing a large area.

To avoid false alarms: Don’t mount the PIR sensor in direct sunlight (as moving heat sources would trigger the PIR) or in a place affected by wind. When installing outside, it’s best to mount it in a shady, protected place with minimal changing temperatures. Also, avoiding mounting on UPVC or metal doorframe surfaces which may reduce the transmission range.

Reliable Range – Communication range of up to 100m/328ft (the distance from the sensors to the receiver/alarm/chime) and detection range of the infrared sensor of approximately 5-8m/16-26ft to keep you informed and safe.

User-Friendly – The alarm in the receiver has a ring volume up to 100dB, 3 mode choices (Sound/LED Flash/Sound and LED Flash) and 3 alert choices (High Volume Chime/Low Volume Chime/Alarm)

Dependable Technology – Our sensor uses a state-of-the-art passive-infrared (PIR) to detect any movement within the detection zone. Perfect for long or hidden driveways to allow you just a little extra warning before guests (or intruders) arrive.

Expandable – If you have more than one driveway or area you would like to monitor, you can expand this system with multiple sensors and receivers

Power Supply – Both 3 x 1.5V type C batteries and the AC power adapter (not included) can be used for the receiver, but don’t use them simultaneously in case the host would be burned


Wireless Home Security Alarm Specifications:

Power Supply (Receiver): DC 6 V or 1.5 V C Battery x 3 (not included) Power Supply (PIR Transmitter): DC 4.5 V (1.5 V AAA Battery x 3 not included)

Motion detecting range: 5 – 8 m/16-26ft

Operating range: 100m/328ft Ring Volume: =100dB (within 0.5 m/1.6ft)

Box Contains1 x PIR Transmitters 1 x Receiver 1 x Instruction Manual 3 x Wall Plugs 3 x Screws

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