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220V Mains On Off Switch and Controller – Pack of 10


1.Working Voltage: AC220V +- 10%

2.Max Load:10A Relay, Resistive load≤8A, Inductive load≤3A

3.Channel: 1CH

4.Working Frequency : 315MHZ/433MZH Optional

Receiver sensitivity: : -105Db

Working temperature : -10’C – +60’C

Output way : Momentary. Toggle .Latched Adjusted by Jumper 

Code type: Learning code Add Controller by the Learning Button on the receiver

Output State:

It is adjusted by the Jumper on the Receiver Board,

(before you change it .you need turn OFF the power. Until you have changed it, then turn ON the power again, or the State will not be changed)

A: Momentary———–Put the Jumper on “M&G”.

B: Toggle————put the Jumper on “T&G”

C: Latched————- Take way the Jumper or put the Jumper on any 1 Pin.

Momentary————Press the Transmitter button A, the receiver relay A is ON, release button A; the receiver relay A is OFF,

Toggle—————Press transmitter button A for 1 time , the receiver relay A is ON, press button A again, the receiver relay A is OFF,

Latched————Press transmitter button A, the receiver relay A is ON, Press transmitter button B, the relay A OFF.

Learning Method:

Input AC220V for the Receiver .Press the Learning Button until the Led indicator ON. Then press transmitter, the Led indicator flash fast, it mean learning successfully.

Clearing Code

Keeping press the Learning Button on the receiver until the LED indicator OFF, it mean the code have been cleared successfully.

Remote control (transmitter)

Operating Voltage: DC6V

Operating Current: 30MA

Operating Frequency: 315/433MHz

Frequency Distance: 20M-200M

(please notice that is the ideal distance without any block and signal interfere , it would rise and fall about 10%-50% with the block and signal interference ).

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