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4m x 1.5m Nylon Hide Net English Oak

Net Size – 4 x 1.5m

  • If you want a net cut to a specific size, we also sell this netting by the meter.
  • Tough, lightweight nylon hide net printed with English Oak.
  • Extremely strong and tear resistant.
  • Full cover, very compact and lightweight.
  • Simple unbeatable for pigeon shooting and wild fowling.
  • 4m x 1.5m is a standard size hide net for 2 people.

How best to use 4m x 1.5m Nylon Hide Net English Oak;

Check out the photos, you can’t see even a trace of the two guys in the hide!! One photo shows the view from inside the hide…no need to look over the top. The outside picture is taken just after and shows what the birds see, just the camo pattern printed onto the net.

You must build this hide onto a dark background (i.e. into a hedge)

The net relies on there being no light behind, if you use it this way you will get exactly the same effect as in the photos.

It is soft and silent, making it a dream to use. Given its size the net still compacts down incredibly well for easy storage and transportation in your pigeon bag. It’s also ULTRA lightweight.

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