A1 Decoy Deer & Boar Hook Gamble


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An essential item to have with you  in your car or rucksack when out deer or boar hunting. Utilising a 4:1 weight reduction pulley system with a rope locking handle this hoist will allow you to easily perform a suspended gralloch of any deer or boar you shoot in the field on your own. Back home it provides the perfect platform to suspend your deer/boar while skinning, cleaning or working with the carcass. Lightweight, compact and very strong.

Remember to hang the pulley system so that the locking handle pulley is at the top, otherwise this feature will not operate correctly.

  • Includes: Pulley system, Polypropylene rope, Steel heavy duty gamble.
  • Rated at 500lb/200kg
  • 4 roller pulley system
  • 3/8″ heavy duty powder coated steel gamble
  • Easily operated rope locking lever
  • Rot and mildew resistant polypropylene rope
  • Quick and easy to set up and use by one person

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