Air-Crow and Bouncer Kit


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Air-Crow and Bouncer Kit

Improve your pattern with our Air-Crow and Bouncer Kit! Our bouncers are extremely strong yet are lightweight to carry. Their versatility means you can use the decoys provided in this kit (AirCrows), or other decoys such as ProFlaps or dead birds with our cradles (not included).

The Bouncers:

  • Extremely strong yet lightweight
  • Removable v-section for dead birds or decoys
  • Crocodile clip wings for secure attachment
  • 135cm length compressed – extendable to 220c

The Decoys:

Spinning wing decoy for use with magnets or bouncers.

  • Grey flash on wings brings crows and jackdaws in from great distances!
  • 135cm length which is expendable to 220cm.

Please choose the number of bouncers rods and decoys you would like from the drop-down menu.


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