Auritech Ear Defender Plugs


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Auritech Ear Defender Plugs

  •  2 Auritech Ear Defender Plugs
  • No batteries or wires.
  • Reduces gun blast noise.
  • Conversation & nature sound clearly audible.
  • Supports shooting safety.
  • Shooting activities can produce noises levels up to 150dB.
  • Permanent hearing damage can occur from 85dB so it is essential always to use hearing protection.
  • Developed over 20 years by leading audiology experts, auritech shoot hearing protectors are superior to traditional foam, wax or silicone earplugs.
  • Precision-tuned, patented ceramic sound filters ensure maximum protection from shooting and other extreme noise activities like fireworks, yet allow you to listen clearly to surrounding conversation without a muffled effect.
  • Comfortable and suitable for all ages.
  • Supplied with handy metal case

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