Battery Brain Battery Protector Anti Theft


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Battery Brain Battery Protector 

  • Don’t ever get stranded because of a dead battery – in all cars, all makes and models, the Battery Prog Brain monitors your battery voltage automatically disconnecting the battery before it is completely drained
  • Ensure your vehicle always starts – Battery Prog Brain preserves enough charge to start your vehicle saving you downtime, inconvenience, and potential safety hazards
  • Offers anti-theft feature with remote disconnection connection
  • Fully draining a battery decreases its useful lifespan – the Battery Prog Brain extends battery life in all seasons and all conditions
  • Easily installs to any vehicle battery with multiple configuration options for every model and all of the necessary hardware is included for the mounting options, only tools required are wrench and screwdriver
  • Suitable for all 12 volt
  • Comes with ONE remote unlike photograph 

Battery Brain Battery Protector 

Say goodbye to battery drain AND stolen vehicles with the Remote Control Battery Brain Gold. Remotely shuts off battery power with a touch of a button! Battery drain can be a pain! But it’s a thing of the past with Battery Brain. It installs easily to the battery of your vehicle or boat to constantly monitor the battery’s energy. Whenever a drainage is detected that drops the battery energy below a certain level, it will disconnect from the drainage source. When you want to start your vehicle back up again, just hit the power button on the remote and you’re good to go! And because you can disconnect battery power with a simple push of a button, the Battery Brain Gold makes for a great anti-theft device as well. An inspired idea! Order yours now! Battery Brain Gold

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Battery Brain


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