Boot Liner for Animal Transport

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Boot Liner for Animal Transport

  • Perfect for carrying dead deer or boar.
  • Bag is a great size with high edges to contain any liquid
  • Images show in Range rover and estate car
  • 80cm x 100cm
  • 4 strong carrying handles.
  • Heavy duty PVC tarpaulin material bag with 14x 16mm eyelets

Draw string not included.

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1 review for Boot Liner for Animal Transport

  1. Mike Idziaszczyk

    This is a large (100x80x30cm) heavy duty PVC tarpaulin material bag with 14x 16mm eyelets and 4 strong carrying handles. It is made from the same material that lorry curtains are made of so it is very tough and completely waterproof. It is exactly what I have been looking for to transport my deer carcasses and shot game to the game larder or to home in the boot of my car (a BMW estate – I don’t have a utility 4×4 unfortunately) without contaminating the boot with blood and gore and also keeping the carcasses out of sight and separated from my equipment. It is also an ideal container into which you can place your wet and muddy boots and clothes or even dog – if you put a dog blanket in the bottom, saving your car from getting filthy! I’ve found it to be much more practical than a large plastic tray as it takes up no space when empty – it folds down to a neat 1.5kg size that can be easily carried in my stalking sack and best of all it fits all vehicles! You can even use it on your back seats without the risk of dirtying your car interior . Totally waterproof and very easy to clean – simply hose down the bag when you get home. It can also be used to carry your deer from the field to your car or larder – especially if you have a helper, by using the carrying handles.

    In summary a great idea and a very practical product, worth every penny! It keeps your car clean, your shot game away from your hunting equipment and out of sight and allows the hygienic transport of the gralloched animal from the field to the larder. It is now one of my must have items which I always take in my car whenever I go stalking or shooting!

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