Caldwell AR 15 Brass Catcher


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Caldwell AR 15 Brass Catcher

Tired of picking up .223 brass from your AR? The AR 15 Brass Catcher attaches to the forearm of any AR with hook and loop webbing and captures the ejected brass. It prevents brass from being scattered around your shooting area, and works great in preventing hot brass from landing on shooter or other people next to the shooter. A wire frame holds fabric in correct shape and allows brass to enter bag without disruption to bolt function or interrupting cycling. The Caldwell AR-15 Brass Catcher captures and holds approximately 30 rounds, and has a convenient zipper at bottom of mesh bag that makes emptying simple.

  • Quickly attaches to any AR-15 using hook and loop webbing
  • Holds approximately 30 rounds of spent brass (.223)
  • Wire frame is adjustable to form it to most any rifle
  • Heat resistant mesh will not melt

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