Cass Creek Boar / Hog Call Camo


An electronic boar call that will enable you to make the right call, at the right time.

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Cass Creek Boar / Hog Call

The wild boar hunter knows the excitement and challenge of stalking a big tusker. Wild hogs’ wary behavior often sends them dashing into the thick cover before a shot can be fired. Close encounters with a charging boar are left to the stouthearted hunter.

This call features sounds:

  • FEEDING FRENZY – Excited grunts and squeals as hogs greedily compete to feed.
  • CONTENTED FEEDING – Sounds of feeding hogs at a newly located food source draws others to join.
  • SOCIAL GRUNTS – Individual hogs communicate greetings within the herd.
  • FIGHTING BOAR – Aggressive rival males battle for herd dominance.
  • FEEDING PIGLETS – Confident sounds of sow grunts and feeding piglets signal safety luring in hogs from dense cover.

Cass Creek Boar / Hog Call Features:

  • Live recordings of five most common sounds for each species.
  • Hand-held operation with rubberized grips, one finger push button operation, dial volume control
  • Extra large, extra loud speaker is weather resistant
  • Remote transmitter will control multiple transmitters individually or in sequence
  • On/off dial volume for easy regulationSure Hold rubberized grip
  • Operates on 4 AA batteries or 3x AAA batteries

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