Clearview Hide Lightweight Net Per Meter


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Clearview Hide Lightweight Net Per Meter

You are buying this net by the meter (any length x 1.5m)

Enter the meter length you would like in the quantity box before clicking buy it now.

If you purchase a quantity of 1, you will get a piece 1m x 1.5m, if you want 4m x 1.5 then please select buy it now, quantity 4.

Clearview Hide Lightweight Net Per Meter Features:

  • Ultra-lightweight and ultra-clear view
  • Tough, lightweight nylon hide net printed with English woodland camo
  • Extremely strong and tear resistant
  • Full cover, very compact and lightweight
  • Simply unbeatable for pigeon shooting and wild fowling
  • Any length you want, for any size hide!

Please read below:

To get the best results, this net needs to be set up against a dark background like a hedge. The way is it designed means you can easily see out, but struggle to see in. The net relies on there being no light behind.

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Weight 100 g

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