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Driven Wild Boar Hunting in Turkey 17th-24th January 2025.

Fly to Istanbul on the 17th Jan ready for the flight to Tokat on the 19th. Hunt 5 Days 19,20,21,22,23. Fly back in one day on the 24th.


The wild boar driven hunt is totally different in Turkey from the driven hunts in other countries. This type of hunting adventure consists entirely of wild boars and this combined with breath-taking  scenery and constant excitement is a great activity to partake in. On the first drive in Feb 2022 over 200 Driven Wild Boar were seen.
The mountains area of the hunting ground is highly suitable for driven hunting  as well as  the night hunting of ‘Monster Keilers’ over bait stations under the new moon . The land is thoroughly monitored and checked by our professional staff 10-15 days before the driven hunt starts or if night hunting they will bait 10 or so areas to see where the ‘Monster Keilers’ are feeding.  Trail cameras are used to monitor the feed stations and for the driven hunting 13-20 very well trained hounds will  take part.

Some of the largest Wild Boar are to be found in the mountain areas of Turkey!

Most of the shooting is done from mountain tracks that are easily accessible by 4×4 vehicles.


6 Days Driven Wild Boar £3499

Driven Wild Boar Hunting Price Includes:

  • 5* Hotel (half board accommodation) 
  • Hunting licence
  • Export permits
  • All ground transfers
  • Hunt preparation
  • Lunch taken in the Field

 Dedeman Hotel Tokat. see the website

Extras: Trophy preparation (teeth) 35 euros, skinning 300 euros, all alcoholic beverages, international and domestic airfares, guided sightseeing tours, tips and personal expenses.

Results from this years late January trip

JANUARY  19th – 27th 2024
                                            DAY 1                                 DAY 2                                           DAY 3                     DAY4
Shot Boar Possible Shot Boar Possible Shot Boar Shot Boar Night TOTALS
Simon H 5 1 6 0 1
Martin H 2 1 8 2+1 6 1 4
Paul A 3 1k +1 2
Robert P 11 4 4 2 7 2k 2 0 8
Paul B 2 Fox 8 1 3 0 2
Kevin R 2 0 1 1 4 1 2
Mark C 3 1 1 1 11 5 7
Kevin C 1 4 2 2
Ben L 7 2 4 1 1 fox 3+fox
TOTALS 8 5+fox 9 9+fox 4 35



Quote from Dennis, username ‘Howzat’ on Stalking Directory
“Would love to come Mark, but already booked. Keep me in mind for later in the year, I think your trips are the best!’

Quote from Rob Phillips – Sporting Estate
“Shot my first big Turkish keiler, Turkey offers a whole new driven wild boar shooting experience. The professional hunters and beaters were fantastic, welcoming, respectful, helpful and efficient!”

Quote from Tony Charlton, username ‘Tonyc’ on Stalking Directory
“Best day I have ever had driven wild boar shooting and I have done a lot of it! The ambiance team work and overall professional work was outstanding!”

Quote from Roy Rapley
“Thoroughly enjoyed it! Very different long distance seeing sounders of boar is different and exciting! Wonderful scenery and a lot of shooting!”

Quote from Mark Aigin, username ‘Lateral’ on Stalking Directory 
“What else can you say? It was 5* and man of many trips!”

Quote from Mark
“The Turkish mountain scenery totally makes the hunt for me! To see the sounders of boar racing towards you over the mountain ridges in front of you is truly outstanding. The beaters are excellent and move the boar expertly towards you. There can be near shots and further away shots, normally 20m to 150m is the norm.
Wonderful mountain scenery and a great driven wild boar experience. 

Between two trips one in January and one in  February 2024 we had 124 boar shot with 12 guns.

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3 day or 5 day trip

3 Day, 5 day


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