Floater Lander Glider Decoy Pole


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Floater Lander Glider Decoy Pole

The ultimate combination. A bouncer, an angel stand and a dead bird cradle, all in one!

  • Adjust the wings to create a realistic decoy effect wherever you use this item in your pattern.
  • Set it up as a landing pigeon, a floating pigeon, a gliding pigeon or as an Angel Pigeon simulating a pigeon just before landing. This is highly effective at bringing in the pigeons directly into your decoy pattern.
  • Large metal spike to sink into any terrain.
  • Adjustable height up to 1m. Great for hovering over standing barley and perfect over stubbles or drillings.

New friction wing adjustment is the latest design with no thumbscrews to loosen, so no difficulty to operate with gloves on and no small parts to lose. Just move the wings where you want them and that’s where they will stay! This product is part of the Professional Pigeon Range from A1Decoy.

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