Flying mallard deceiver, new duck decoy, drake and duck, bouncer and fixing peg, easy to use clean and store, imitates ducks flighting onto a pond

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Our Professional Flying Mallard Deceivers are the perfect option to add some movement to your pattern while out on the flight pond or foreshore. Designed to imitate ducks coming into land, they are highly effective even in the slightest breeze. Each set comes in pairs: one Drake and one Duck.

Flying Duck Decoys

The Flying Deceiver Decoys feature realistic wing patterns and great wing markings, making them look fantastic as they appear to fly over the water. The wings are non-tear and non-shine, providing durability and authenticity. With high contrast and realistic markings, these decoys create a fantastic and convincing flying effect.

Flying Wire and Ground Spike

The flying wire is made from spring steel to ensure maximum movement, enhancing the decoys’ lifelike appearance. The ground spike is lightweight and comes in two sections for easy transport, ensuring convenience and mobility during your shooting trips.

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