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The worlds first air rifle to feature an over the barrel plenum! Built initially for target shooting this hunting version of the FX Panthera features a redesigned bottle system and a shortened 300mm barrel that will have you shooting up to 300 shots per fill in .22 calibre.

Featuring all the technology you would expect from a world leading airgun manufacturer the FX Panthera Hunter adopts a side lever cocking mechanism, front mounted 300cc bottle and an all new over barrel plenum system to create a consistency never before seen in a rifle of this type.

Shot to shot consistency is so refined that some users have shot 10 shot strings and achieved deviations as low as 3-4. This level of consistency in-terms of airflow and fps, leads to a level of accuracy that even the best rimfire rifles struggle to keep pace with.

So how have FX Achieved this in the Panthera

It starts with an FX Dynamic Block, a new unit created from the ground up for hi-performance shooting. The FX unit utilizes a small one-piece valve for high power / short impulse air release, it is is extremely efficient and allows a very precise air flow.

The next stage is the Panthera’s already legendary plenum – an over-the-barrel plenum which provides an ultra consistent regulated pressure. This location not only allows the plenum to be larger than previous rifles (FAC models), but also has the added benefit of stiffening the area around the barrel. Precise levels of pressure are maintained by the single AMP MKII Regulator.

Tuneable and compact In the FX Panthera Hunter model, gone are the Arca rails and M-lok accessory rails to make a lightweight simplified Air Rifle that takes all the best bits of the Panthera and loses all the competition necessary parts. The result is a tune-able state-of-the-art rifle that you can shoot all-day.


At the heart of this rifles mechanism is the tried and tested Quick Tune System (the same as found on the FX Impact M3). Dual angled Manometers on the left side of the block show the bottle pressure and the regulated plenum pressure, for instant feedback to the operator.

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