Halogen Hunting Lamp 150mm 100w with Optional Filters


Either buy on its own or add a filter!

Red Filter – perfect for foxes

Infra Red Filter – perfect for night vision

Yellow Filter – perfect for spotting deer and foxes

Amber filter – perfect for foxes and fog

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Halogen Hunting Lamp 150mm 100w with Optional Filters

This lamp is the perfect option for lamping, spotting animals in the dark and much more! It is lightweight, ultra-rugged and has an ergonomic designed handle for ultimate comfort and ease of use.

The handheld lamp is 100w halogen and is available in either 150mm or 175mm. Both lamps feature a quality On/Off switch for operator comfort and durability, a lanyard securing point for extra security and a polycarbonate lens and aluminium reflector for high temperature resistance.

Halogen Hunting Lamp 100w 150mm

  • Power: 100w
  • Type: Halogen
  • Lumens: 800
  • Reflector Size: 150m
  • Weight: 400g
  • Voltage: 12v
  • Range: 300m+

Purchase the lamp on its own, or complete in an aluminium kit with filters, charging accessories, battery and more!

Need a filter? We have you covered.

We sell optional filters for both the 150mm and 175mm lamps to aid your hunting. Colours include:

  • Amber – Great for foxes and excellent in foggy conditions
  • Blue – Excellent for snow, rain and foggy conditions
  • Green – Specifically for spotting animals and game with sensitive eyes including wild boar
  • Infra-Red – Improve your night vision devices ability with an infrared filter
  • Yellow – Perfect for foggy and misty conditions

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Red, Amber, Infra Red, Yellow


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