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Introducing A1 Decoy’s HD Pigeon Decoy Kit – a cutting-edge solution for pigeon hunting enthusiasts in 2024!

New for 2024: Experience the latest innovation in pigeon decoying with A1 Decoy’s HD Pigeon Decoy Kit. This exceptional kit is meticulously designed to elevate your hunting game, providing a perfect blend of high-definition realism and unmatched convenience.

Comprehensive Kit: The kit includes 6 feeding and 4 sentry pigeon decoys, ensuring a diverse and realistic spread to attract your target. A1 Decoy has carefully curated this collection to mimic the natural behaviour of pigeons in the field, enhancing your chances of a successful hunt.

Camo Carry Bag for Easy Transportation: Transport your decoys with ease using the included camo decoy carry bag. This bag not only provides a stylish camouflage pattern but also features individual compartments for each decoy, making transportation a breeze. No more hassle with tangled decoy lines – keep everything organized and ready for action.

Heavy-Duty Handles: The camo decoy carry bag comes equipped with two heavy-duty handles, ensuring durability and ease of transport. The camo pattern adds a touch of stealth to your gear, allowing you to move confidently in the field without raising concerns.

High-Definition Decoys: Our pigeon decoys boast high-definition features with brilliant paintwork, making them stand out in any field setting. The attention to detail in their design ensures that your decoy spread is not only effective but also visually striking, luring pigeons with unmatched realism.

What’s in the Box: Open the box, and you will find everything you need for a successful hunt:

  • 6 x Sentry HD Plastic Pigeon Decoys
  • 4 x Feeding HD Plastic Pigeon Decoys
  • 1 x Camo Decoy Carry Bag

Elevate your pigeon hunting experience with A1 Decoy’s HD Pigeon Decoy Kit – where innovation meets practicality for unparalleled success in the field.

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