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HD Pigeon Shell Decoys

Introducing our exceptional wooden pigeon decoys, meticulously crafted to elevate your shooting experience. These high-definition decoys boast exquisite paintwork, ensuring they command attention in any field and irresistibly lure in your target. Life-sized and stackable, these decoys offer unparalleled convenience in transportation and storage.

Designed with precision, our decoys feature two strategically placed holes at the back, providing you with two distinct positions: feeding and sentry. This versatility allows you to adapt to different shooting patterns, enhancing your accuracy and success. Whether you’re mimicking feeding behaviour or creating a vigilant sentry presence, our decoys are the perfect addition to your shooting strategy. Additionally, the cleverly integrated attachment on the bottom makes storing the accompanying pegs a breeze, ensuring you are always well-equipped for your shooting sessions.

Upgrade your shooting arsenal with our top-tier wooden pigeon decoys, where realism meets functionality for a truly immersive and effective shooting experience.

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Pigeon Decoys

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