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Introducing our HD Floating Pigeon with Spring Wings – a fantastic addition to your hunting gear that adds a dynamic and realistic touch to your decoy spread.

Realistic Wing Action: These decoys take realism to the next level! Attach them to a bouncer, and the wind does the magic, making the wings spring up and down. It’s like having a live pigeon on the water, catching the attention of passing birds.

Easy Storage with Detachable Wings: No need to worry about storage – the wings are detachable, making it simple to pack and store these decoys. Convenience meets functionality, ensuring you’re always prepared for your next hunting trip.

Hidden Mounting Bracket for Authenticity: Our decoys come with a mounting bracket fitted to the bottom, and it’s cleverly hidden. This hidden bracket adds to the realism, making these decoys look more natural than those with visible brackets on the top.

Full Life-Size for Maximum Effect: These decoys are the real deal – full life-size pigeons that make a statement. The size adds authenticity to your decoy spread, making it more convincing for incoming birds.

Upgrade your hunting game with our HD Floating Pigeon with Spring Wings – where realism meets convenience for a hunting experience like never before!

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