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The Professional Pigeon Mega Magnet 

3-arm pigeon mega magnet.

Features a massive wingspan of 14ft which lets those pigeons see you from three times the distance from a normal magnet!

The ‘Mega Magnet’ is our heavy duty pigeon magnet. If the 3-arm version is selected it is provided with a 3-arm head, so 3 arms can be used plus extension arms to pull pigeons from an even larger range!

About the magnet

Weight: 3.2 Kgs (7lbs). High quality steel powder coated in green for long lasting finish. Adjustable arm angle to give you the perfect decoy height whatever the terrain. 3 Spike trident provides great stability and flat packs.

Removable v-sections, so you can use dead birds as well as decoys. Straight extendable arms for easy transport. Longer straight arms for faster decoy speed.  Closed arm length – 27″, 690mm


The Perfect Addition to your Magnet Kit is some Reusable Non Stick Camo Tape

Reusable Non Stick Camo Tape


Additional information

Weight 2500 g

Rotary Magnets


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