Heavy Duty Magnet with Battery & Proflaps


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Heavy Duty Magnet with Battery & Proflaps

Our heavy-duty magnet has fully telescopic body and arms, giving you the perfect height, whatever the crop. It comes with a four-prong bottom making it unbeatable on stability.


Heavy Duty Magnet with Battery & Proflaps:

  • Fully telescopic body and arms
  • High quality steel powder coated in green for long lasting finish.
  • Adjustable arm angle to give you the perfect decoy height whatever the terrain.
  • Heavy-duty 4 spike foot base for fast installation and great stability.
  • Heavy duty motor
  • Ability to buy extra extension arms to make arms even longer
  • Weight: 7kgs – 8lb
  • Closed arm length: 5″ ,620mm
  • Extended length: 44″ , 1120mm
  • Removable v-sections, so you can use dead birds as well as decoys


Approximate Run Times (with decoys) and Battery Weights. The battery time will vary depending on whether you are using dead birds, breasted dead birds or decoys.

  • 12v 7ah – 4 hours, 1.9kg
  • 12v 12ah – 7 hours, 3.9kg
  • 12v 17ah – 12 hours, 5.1kg



Please choose from Air Pro Decoys or ProFlap Decoys


Keep all your kit together with a choice of a green or camo magnet bag complete with a shoulder strap for easy transportation

Speed Controller 

Add in a Speed Controller to have complete control over the speed of your magnet!


You can also purchase a trickle charger for your battery. Our trickle charger helps increase the length of your battery life.

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