Heavy Duty Outdoor Bird Feeder 25kg Pheasant Duck or Poultry

A heavy duty feeder to keep your waterfowl , Pheasants  or  poultry fed all year round!

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Heavy Duty Outdoor Bird Feeder 25kg Pheasant, Duck or Poultry

25kg King Feeder Outdoor Feeder complete with outdoor hat

The Heavy Duty Outdoor Bird Feeder 25kg Pheasant, Duck or Poultry has a capacity of 25 kilograms of feed. The King Feeder is manufactured in the UK, in polypropylene; the whole assembly is corrosion free with an infinitely adjustable feed rate. The feed pan size is 48 cm.

The King Feeder now has an optional Feed saver ring designed to prevent birds flicking feed from the pan saving money and mess by reducing feed waste. This King feeder is perfect for any poultry keeper who keeps a larger flock, the feeder can be used as an indoor floor-based feeder, it comes with a lid supplied to prevent the birds from perching on the feeder this also helps to keep the feed clean and fresh.

The King feeder can also be used very successfully outside as it can be fitted with a specially designed rain hat that gives total protection from any inclement weather. With a capacity of 25kg this makes it one of the largest feeders available on the market today and one that is ideal for all situations. Made in the UK the King feeder is very easy to clean and maintain, the rain that fits easily and as a general feeder it is ideal for all breeds of Chicken, Turkeys and Waterfowl and is recommend for use with your egg laying hybrid flock.


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