Jack Pyke Nylon Hide Net Woodland 4m x 1.5m


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Jack Pyke Nylon Hide Net Woodland 4m x 1.5m description:

(4m x 1.5m) ultra-lightweight & ultra-clearview

Tough, lightweight nylon hide net printed with woodland camo.

Ultra-clear view from the inside!

Jack Pyke Nylon Hide Net Woodland 4m x 1.5m features: 

  • Extremely strong & tear resistant full cover, very compact and just 370g
  • Simply unbeatable for pigeon shooting and wild fowling
  • Measuring 4 meters x 1.5 meters, more than enough for a roomy hide
  • Ideal for camo in the English countryside

Unbelievable advance concealment technology for hunters relying on total invisibility from their quarry.  It is soft and silent, making it a dream to use. Given its size the net still compacts down incredibly well for easy storage and transportation in your pigeon bag. It’s also ultra-lightweight at just 370g!

Just like a 2 way mirror & it will not snag your gun barrels!

This effect is only created as long as you build your hide against a dark background- make sure there is no light behind the hide and you will not be able to see in just like the pictures



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