Jack Pyke Rifle Rest English Oak

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Jack Pyke Rifle Rest


    • Tough 600D Cordura
    • Jack Pyke Rifle Rest English Oak.


    • Holds your firearm like a vice.


    • Increases stability and in turn accuracy.


    • Suede Textured top helps protect the gripping of your firearm.


    • Reduces the amount of recoil felt by the shooter.


    • Does not affect your point of impact.


    • Two part bags with retaining clip allows for maximum flexibility when shooting.


    • Rear bag  approx 9” (23CM) X 4”(10CM) X 7”(18CM)


    • Front bag approx 5” (13cm) X 4.5”(11cm) X 5” (12cm)


    • Bags supplied un-filled.


    • Ideal fillings include: dry grain, seeds or sand.


    • Most compact, user-friendly and effective shooting aid in the industry!

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