JSB Jumbo Exact Test .22 Pellets


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JSB Jumbo Exact Test .22 Pellets

Wide selection of different weights Exact Jumbo pellets starting from lightest Exact RS (0.870g) up to heaviest Exact Monster(1.645g). We believe you will find your favourite among these.

The package contains 30 from each of the following types:

Diabolo Exact Jumbo 1.030g 5.51mm

Diabolo Exact Jumbo 1.030g 5.52mm

Diabolo Exact Jumbo 1.030g 5.53mm

Diabolo Exact Monster Jumbo 1.645g 5.52mm

Diabolo Exact Express Jumbo 0.930g 5.52mm

Diabolo Exact Heavy Jumbo 1.175g 5.52mm

Diabolo Exact RS Jumbo 0.870g 5.52mm


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Weight 245 g

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