Larsen Magpie Trap With FREE Decoy


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Larsen Magpie Trap withChoice Of Free Magpie Decoy

Larsen Magpie Trap With FREE Decoy suitable for Magpie and Crow catching.

Ideal for gamekeepers and farmers requiring quality pest control traps

Size – width 77cm x depth 77cm x height 47cm

Please use the dropdown menu to choose your FREE magpie decoy!

Larsen Traps are legal under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

These traps are lawful under general licnences issued by the statutory authorities in England and Wales provided conditions of the licence are met. Conditions are: The decoy bird must be provided with adequate food, water and shelter and a perch for the entire period during which it is used. Only birds authorised by the relevant general licence may be kept or confined in a cage trap as a decoy bird. These pest bird species take a considerable amount of eggs and chicks of both gamebirds and songbirds each year. When not in use, the trap must be rendered incapable of holding or catching birds. Each cage trap, when in use, must be inspected on at least one occasion in any 24-hour period. The use of these traps and the control of pests is well recognised as an important conservation measure. The police will investigate the illegal use of traps, they will also investigate interference with or the vandalism of legally set traps which is a criminal offence. For further advice, contact your nearest police station.

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With Flocked Magpie, With FUD Magpie, With Plastic Magpie


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