Laser Range Finder 600m


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Laser Range Finder 600m

Laser Range Finder up to 600m comes with 4 different modes.

Fog Mode- Aim at target object and short press power button. Then, the distance value will be displayed on lens.

Speed Mode- Aim at the object and short press the power button. Keep aiming as the object moves until the speed value displays on the screen.

Distance Mode- Single distance measuring: Aim at target object and short press power button to start measuring. The measuring result would be displayed on the lens.

Pinseeker Mode- Pinseeker mode is designed for measuring the distance to a flagpole. Under this mode, the product is able to separate the flagpole (point D) from the clutter (such as trees and bushes) in the background. Only the distance to point D would be displayed.

Runs off 2x AAA batteries


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