Shotgun Torch Mount Magnetic Mount Quick Realise – 25/30mm


Enhanced Barrel Protection: Shield your firearm’s barrel from potential scratches using the strong magnetic capability of our mount.

Effortless Installation: Experience easy setup with a tool-free assembly and disassembly process, streamlining your equipment adjustments.

Durable Design: Rely on the robust aircraft-grade aluminum alloy construction, reinforced with Type III hard anodizing, for long-lasting toughness that withstands rigorous usage.

Stable Support System: Benefit from the innovative X-frame design featuring super-strong rectangular magnets, ensuring a stable and secure platform for your flashlight or laser.

Versatile Compatibility: Accommodate a range of flashlight diameters from 24mm to 30mm, making it a versatile choice for various tactical setups.

Simplified Tactical Enhancement: Elevate your gear with a magnetic holder that is tailored for both tactical flashlight installations and laser attachments, enhancing your firearm’s versatility.

Rail Compatibility: Seamlessly fit the 0.79 inch (20mm) Weaver Picatinny Rail, providing a secure attachment point without any hassle.

Convenient Package: Each purchase includes one Magnetic Flashlight Holder, delivering a complete solution to your tactical accessory needs.

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Introducing our Magnetic Flashlight Mount – your solution for a seamless and secure flashlight installation. Engineered with advanced magnetic technology, this mount offers powerful grip while safeguarding your barrel from potential scratches. Its robust and portable design embodies simplicity and innovation, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Crafted from top-tier aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, strengthened with Type III hard anodizing, this mount guarantees enduring toughness. The innovative X-frame, reinforced by super-strong rectangular magnets, provides unwavering stability for your flashlight.

Assembling and disassembling has never been easier, thanks to our tool-free mechanism. Designed to accommodate flashlight diameters between 24mm to 30mm, this mount is perfectly suited for 0.79 inch (20mm) Weaver Picatinny Rails, making it an ideal accessory for tactical setups.

Whether you’re in need of tactical flashlight support or laser attachments, our Magnetic Flashlight Mount has you covered. Elevate your gear with this magnetic holder that combines strength, versatility, and reliability. Each package includes one Magnetic Flashlight Holder, revolutionizing the way you equip your equipment.

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