Napier Apex Auto Lift Set


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Napier Apex Auto Lift Set

Designed to complement and attach to the Apex Auto click and Tree Hugger models, The Napier Apex Auto Lift Set is  ideal for handling larger deer species.

The unit will allow you to maintain full control and safely perform a suspended gralloch and can capably lift a 200Kg animal single handed.

Traditional gralloching performed on the ground can be unhygienic and messy, and the Auto Lift has been specifically designed to make this a smoother and safer process.

A simple setup, the 2.5 metre self-retracting lifter is attached to any fixed anchor and the unique 2 part gambrel is fitted to the animal to raise it safely and quickly.

The whole kit auto retracts into a compact size together with the 2 part Apex Gambrel for easy storage and carrying, and weighs just 1.34kg.

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Weight 1700 g

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