Napier Apex Leather Shield, for the care, proofing and enhancement of all leather items.

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Napier Apex Leather Shield 

Napier has now released the new Apex Leather Shield, for the care, proofing, and enhancement of all leather items.

Proudly MADE IN ENGLAND to ISO 9001:2008

Simply applied directly to any type of leather, using the built-in applicator, this special blend of waxes and oils, combined with other additives will immediately be absorbed into the pores of the leather and will provide a combined effect of preservation, softening and waterproofing.

Ideal for footwear, belts slings, and luggage etc., Leather Shield is rapidly absorbed and can be used on coated and aniline leathers with great effect. One 75ml bottle can treat a full set of equestrian tack with plenty to spare for riding boots and clothing.

Particularity useful, fast and very easy to apply to footwear, Leather Shield will help prevent drying of the leather and the cracking that will occur on the stress flex areas. Using regularly will greatly extend the life of outdoor gear.

Unlike most conventional preparations, Leather Shield is applied directly to the surface via the built-in applicator sponge, and works into the leather very quickly, it only requires a 5-minute application to completely proof an item.

No overnight waiting or sticky and messy gear that can stain clothing.

APEX LEATHER SHIELD allows any leather article to be instantly protected and enhanced in FIVE minutes. Simply Shake well & apply the emulsion blend via its built-in sponge applicator, leave for 5 minutes and buff gently with a lint free ULTRASOFT cloth. Job done! Result is supple and waterproofed kit, properly protected and ready for its next outing.

APEX LEATHER SHIELD contains no silicones, so it will not block the pores of the item and this means that it can be re applied at any time for virtually instant protection.

Developed for the needs of sportsmen and for use on any type of leather, the convenient non spill dispenser bottle is handy and easy to use.

Leather shield can also be used on furniture, car seats, belts, knife sheaths, clothing, etc. It can be buffed dry to a beautiful finish on coated leathers or simply be just applied and left, for total proofing and protection. It will help resist staining and make subsequent cleaning easier.

Regular use of APEX LEATHER SHIELD will protect and guard against all wet and cold, or dry and hot, it is unaffected by sub-zero conditions.

Supplied in 75ml applicator bottles.

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