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Introducing the Apex Moderator Cover – the ultimate protection for your moderator. Made from ultra-stretch neoprene, this lightweight cover ensures a snug fit on your moderator, keeping it securely in place while protecting it from knocks and scratches.

With its non-fray material and infinite positional design, the Apex cover is the perfect fit for your moderator, regardless of size. The super velcro adds an extra layer of security, ensuring your moderator cover stays in place at all times.

But don’t just take our word for it, the Apex Moderator Cover was field-tested by Chris Dalton, Stalker of the Year 2023, who said:

“The Apex Mod cover does the job, very nice set up and they will be staying on the rifle, so they do work and give excellent protection, stop the annoying ping of the mod if you catch it on anything and protects from knocks and moisture, good product.”

This cover also features a proven effective digital camo design, which eliminates glare and ensures your moderator stays concealed. And with its lightweight construction of just 21g, you’ll barely notice it’s there.

Don’t let knocks and scratches damage your moderator – protect it with the Apex Moderator Cover today!

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