Napier Power AirGun Oil Pump Spray 120ml


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Napier have created a range of “Power Products” which are used by World Champion target shooters, professional vermin control hunters and recreational shooters, all benefiting from using these high-quality products.

  • Ideal for use in all makes of air guns
  • Stops and prevents rust
  • Unique properties to ensure proper cleaning and lubrication without the risk of damage to “O” rings or seals, prevents dieseling.
  • Incorporates VP90, Napier’s world-renowned corrosion inhibitor.
  • Performs in all temperatures.
  • Non gumming.
  • Removes finger marks.
  • This product is made specifically for guns and will not damage oil or urethane stock finishes.
  • The result of 5 years development and field trials, Power Airgun Oil has already been supplied for several years in the Air Arms master service kits.
  • Chosen by BASC, Royal Berkshire Shooting School, EJ Churchill and many leading gunmakers worldwide.

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