Nitesite Lithium Ion Battery

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Nitesite Lithium Ion Battery

6Ah Stock Mounted Battery with Battery Pouch

NiteSite 6Ah lithium polymer battery that you can mount to your stock. Suitable for use with the NiteSite Wolf Power Plus and Eagle

Nitesite Pouch for 5.5Ah/6Ah Lithium Ion Battery.


NiteSite pride themselves on their spares and accessory support. This is what has set the NiteSite range apart from other night vision optics manufacturers. The addition of the Nitesite Pouch has only increased the famed speed and practicality of the NiteSite range.The new NiteSite Stock Pouch for 5.5Ah and 6Ah lithium ion batteries. Mount your battery pack to your stock for freedom of movement. Produced from nylon while a handy Velcro strap provides easy access and secure mounting. Specifically produced to handle the extra bulk and weight of the larger NiteSite batteries. The black colouring allows this pouch to match all your other NiteSite gear whilst keeping it less visible during the night.

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