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Orion Firearms Training’s ISO 9001 compliant steel reactive targets have been proved and tested by having 1,000’s of rounds from varying calibres shot at them in all weather conditions. These targets are extremely robust and have been made to exacting standards allowing for calibres such as .338 and .50 BMG to be fired at them time and time again.

The targets are capable of handling all modern day ball ammunition and are compliant with,

  • RHA (Rolled Homogeneous Armour)
  • ABRO 500 (Higher Abrasion resistant steel plate with hardness of 500 HBW)
  • Use on JSP 403, volume 2 design, construction and maintenance of small arms, infantry weapons systems and 40mm weapons system ranges

British forces, both regular and special use Orions’s steel reactive targets on a regular basis. The signature and fall of shot recognition is second to none.

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