Pecking Pigeon Decoy (Larger Batteries)

Our motorized pecking pigeon decoy and a slight seconds 6 volt battery.

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Pecking Pigeon Decoy (Larger Batteries)

The Pecking Pigeon Motorized gives you that much needed gentle movement in your decoy pattern! Also attracts birds from a greater distance and looks ultra-realistic. The decoy moves as if it is feeding at the correct  speed for the pigeons to notice it straight away.

This Pecking Pigeon Decoy (Larger Batteries) adds realistic movement to any decoy pattern. Our recommendation is to have a horseshoe pattern of 12 Pigeon decoy shells with 2 Pecking Pigeons set up at each end of the horseshoe.

This makes the deadliest of decoy patterns.

Comes with 6v battery, ground peg and motor (inside the decoy) as standard. Battery sits on the ground when in operation as its external and is easily connected with crocodile clips.

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Please choose your desired battery from the dropdown menu. These batteries are larger than those that come standard with the unit (therefore the unit will last longer off a single charge) however they may have some cosmetic damage.


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6V4, 6V10, 6V1


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