Motorised Pecking Pigeon decoy for realistic movement

  • Attracts birds from a greater distance
  • Mimics natural feeding behaviour
  • Comes with 6v battery and ground peg
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Recommended for horseshoe pattern with 12 decoy shells and 2 Pecking Pigeons at each end
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Introducing the Pecking Pigeon Motorized decoy – the ultimate solution for increasing the realism of your decoy pattern and attracting birds from a greater distance. Designed with a gentle yet realistic feeding movement, this decoy is perfect for catching the attention of pigeons straight away.

Featuring a powerful motor inside the decoy, the Pecking Pigeon moves at just the right speed to mimic natural feeding behaviour. The Pecking Pigeon includes a 6v battery and ground peg, meaning that you can easily set up this decoy anywhere in your pattern.

For optimal results, we recommend setting up a horseshoe pattern of 12 Pigeon decoy shells with 2 Pecking Pigeons at each end. This setup will create the deadliest of decoy patterns and increase your chances of a successful hunt.

Don’t settle for a static decoy pattern – upgrade to the Pecking Pigeon Motorised decoy and experience the difference that realistic movement can make.



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