Introducing our Plastic Magpie Decoy – a pinnacle of realism in magpie decoys, designed to enhance your hunting setup with lifelike detail and versatility.

Unmatched Realism: This magpie decoy stands out as the most realistic option available. With high-definition painting and a plastic coating, it replicates the natural appearance of magpies, boosting your chances of a successful hunt.

Confidence on the Edge: Boost your confidence on the edge of the pattern by using this magpie decoy alongside pigeon decoys. Its realistic design creates a convincing scene, attracting magpies to your hunting setup with ease.

Full Life Size: Experience the authenticity of a full life-size decoy. Measuring 370mm from beak to tail, this decoy mimics the natural size of magpies, ensuring a convincing and lifelike appearance.

Lightweight and High Quality: Crafted for ease of use, our magpie decoy is lightweight without compromising on quality. High-quality construction ensures durability, making it a reliable addition to your hunting gear.

Robust Construction: Distinguishable from cheaper alternatives, this magpie decoy boasts robust construction. It’s built to withstand the rigors of the field, providing longevity and reliability that you can count on.

Versatile for Trapping: Compatible with Larsen traps, this magpie decoy adds versatility to your trapping efforts. Use it strategically to enhance the effectiveness of your trapping setup.

What’s in the Box: Open the box, and you’ll find everything you need for a successful hunt:

  • Plastic Magpie Decoy
  • Ground Spike

Choose Your Quantity: Select your desired quantity from the dropdown menu to suit your hunting needs. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or just starting, our Plastic Magpie Decoy is available in the quantity you require.

Elevate your magpie hunting experience with the realism and reliability of our Plastic Magpie Decoy – where lifelike design meets practical functionality for a successful hunt.

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A1 Decoy


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