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Introducing our Plastic Pigeon Decoys – a pinnacle of realism in the world of decoys, meticulously designed to elevate your hunting experience with vibrant colors, high-definition feather detail, and practical versatility.

Highly Realistic Design: Immerse yourself in the lifelike appearance of our Plastic Pigeon Decoys. With vibrant colors and intricate high-definition feather design, these decoys set a new standard for realism, making your hunting setup more convincing.

Multi-Position Flexibility: Add diversity and interest to your pattern with our multi-position decoys. Featuring two holes for “feeding” or “upright” positions, each decoy offers versatility to create a dynamic and realistic spread, all in one decoy.

Rocker Pegs for Natural Movement: Enhance the natural movement of your decoy pattern with rocker pegs. Unlike spring-based mechanisms, our decoys come with rockers that provide movement without the fragility associated with springs, ensuring longevity and durability.

Full Life Size: Experience the authenticity of full-size decoys that replicate the natural size of pigeons. These decoys bring a realistic presence to your hunting environment, attracting pigeons with confidence.

Stackable for Convenience: Simplify transportation and storage with our stackable design. These decoys neatly stack inside one another, providing ease of handling and ensuring you’re always ready for your next hunting adventure.

High-Quality Plastic Construction: Crafted from high-quality plastic, our decoys offer a small amount of flex, ensuring durability and resilience in the field. Say goodbye to the fragility of cheaper decoys and welcome the reliability of our premium plastic construction.

Upgrade your decoy game with the Plastic Pigeon Decoys – where realism, versatility, and durability converge to create an unparalleled hunting experience.

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