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Primos Power Crow Call

The Primos Power Crow Call is one of the loudest mouth calls on the market to date!

They are very easy to blow and use. The Primos Crow Call will give you great tone and pitch every time. They are an excellent call for when you are trying to decoy crows or jackdaws. The Power Crow™ is perfect for calling and hunting crows. If you have room for only one locator call, this should be it.

The Power Crow™ is the LOUDEST crow call available.

Unbeatable crow hunting call

How to use:

You only need to bite down slightly on the rubber covered mouthpiece of the Primos crow call and blow into call. You can get various sounds and a good variety of crow call sound or jackdaw call sounds out of the Primos crow call the harder you bite and blow, the higher of a pitch you will get from the call.

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