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Introducing the Pair Proflap Pigeon Decoys – now in its enhanced MKII version! A1 Decoy’s best-selling pigeon decoy, these Proflap decoys are designed with Tyvec wings, a flocked shell body, and numerous improvements to guarantee exceptional movement in your pattern, attracting birds from afar.

New MKII Version: Experience the latest advancements in pigeon decoy technology with our MKII version of the Pair Proflap Pigeon Decoys. We’ve taken our best-selling decoy to the next level, ensuring even more realistic and effective performance in the field.

Tyvec Wings and Flocked Shell: Equipped with Tyvec wings and a flocked shell body, these decoys boast the perfect combination of durability and lifelike appearance. The Tyvec material ensures ultimate durability, while the flocked shell adds a realistic texture that enhances the overall effectiveness of your decoy pattern.

Exceptionally Heavy Duty and Durable: Built to withstand the demands of the field, the Proflap decoys are exceptionally heavy-duty and durable. They are crafted to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting addition to your hunting gear.

Ideal for Magnets and Bouncers: Maximize the impact of these decoys by using them with magnets and bouncers. Their design provides optimal performance with these systems, requiring only the slightest bit of wind to create a significant impact on your decoy spread.

Realistic Flapping Effect: Create a realistic flapping effect with our Proflap Pigeon Decoys. The dynamic movement adds authenticity to your pattern, attracting pigeons from miles away and increasing the success of your hunt.

High Contrast Wing Markings: Stand out in the field with high-contrast wing markings. These markings enhance visibility, making the decoys more attractive to passing pigeons and contributing to a more effective decoying system.

Adjustable Metal Bracket: The metal bracket provides strength and adaptability, allowing you to adjust for high or low winds. Customise the positioning of your decoys to suit varying weather conditions, ensuring consistent performance in any hunting scenario.

Note: Bouncers Not Included: Please note that this package includes the Proflap Pigeon Decoys only and does not include bouncers. For a comprehensive decoying system, check out our “ProCrow” decoys.

Upgrade your pigeon hunting experience with the Pair Proflap Pigeon Decoys MKII – where durability, realism, and innovation converge for unmatched success in the field.

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