Pulsar DN 42mm Cover Ring Adaptor


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Pulsar DN 42mm Cover Ring Adaptor

The metal cover ring adapter is designed to attach the Core FXQ38, Core FXQ50, Core FXQ35, Core FXQ55, DFA75,DN55, the majority of day optical devices with 42 mm lens diameter.
These Cover Ring Adaptors attach the Forward DFA75 to the front of a day weapon scope.

Each adaptor comes with inserts to suit different size objective lens housings. Once installed on a day scope they can remain in place for daytime shooting and come with an integrated lens cap.

The Cover Ring Adapter should be used only with one of the supplied inserts corresponding to the outer diameter of the sight lens.

Pulsar DN 42mm Cover Ring  Comes with:

  • 47 mm diameter insert
  • 48 mm diameter insert
  • 49 mm diameter insert
  • 50 mm diameter insert


Metal body 

DN Adapters utilize parts made of various metals. Machined body of the adapter is made of light alloy and offers high durability and low weight. Screws, spring, fixing clamp and pins are steel.

Easy mounting

You do not need special tools (such as torque wrench) to install the adapter on the objective lens of a day device. All mounting operations can be made only with the help of the included wrenches.

Adapter rings

In order to mount the adapter on an objective lens of a day device (spotting scope, binoculars or sight), you should use one of the adapter rings supplied in the box. The rings are made of plastic which prevents damage of the objective lens and guarantees dense and even contact between the lens and the adapter.

Fixing clamp 

The adapter is secured by fastening the fixing clamp. Operating run of the clamp lies in the horizontal plane (parallel to the optical axis of a day sight and attachment), which prevents the adapter from spinning on final fixing after positioning adjustment. Design of the adapter allows you to set the clamp either on the right or on the left side.

Service durability

The adapter features long life, also when used on daylight optical sights mounted on high calibre firearms. Advanced operational qualities imply that adapters can be used at a temperature range, wider than that of the Forward DFA; wear resistance and general durability of particular parts of the unit.


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