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Rough Shooting Syndicate.

Our Rough Shooting Syndicate provides wood pigeon and vermin all year round. Wild fowling, geese and duck are available over lochs, ponds and wetlands areas around the UK. Please see below the locations offered.

Rough Shooting Syndicate Locations:

North Wales

Rough Shooting Area – Prestatyn, North Wales

  • Bohydris Estate – 2,000 acres
  • Wood pigeon hunting over mixed crops and woodlands
  • Vermin control

Rough Shooting Area –Prestatyn, North Wales

  • Local farm 300 acres
  • Mixed crop arable
  • Pigeon shooting

Rough Shooting Area – Wrexham, North Wales

  • Local farm 300 acres
  • Mixed crop arable
  • Pigeon shooting

Rough Shooting Area – Wrexham, North Wales

  • Shoot over winter rape and roost shooting
  • Pigeon shooting

Rough Shooting Area – Horseshoe Pass of Moorland, Llangollen

  • 300 acres of moorland and woodland edges
  • Do-it-yourself day that suits all types
  • Inexperienced and experienced guns.
  • Rough shooting pheasant, grouse and woodcock on moorland edge – book and go.

Rough Shooting Area – Maerdy at Corwen

  • 400 acres and 270 acres
  • Walked up shooting
  • Book and go shooting

Rough Shooting Area – Maerdy at Corwen

  • 700 acres
  • Pheasant and duck ground with duck flight pond
  • 8 walked up days in walked up membership cost
  • Also includes rough shoot
  • Birds are fed in three areas
  • Plenty of birds, hare, rabbit, snipe and woodcock

Boundary Day – Bettws Large Driven Shoot at Maerdy Corwen

  • A welcome addition for a mix of club days out and for groups of 4-6 guns on a private basis at £1850 a day.
  • 40-50 pheasant and other mixed game includes duck flight from November.

Rough Shooting Area – Baeudy Uchaf Ilym Calyn Lake

  • 140 acres
  • Rough shooting and wild fowling

Rough Shooting Areas – Bala, North Wales

  • 270 acres
  • Rough shooting only

Rough Shooting & Vermin Area – Anglesey, North Wales. 

  • 10 different areas over 3,500 acres
  • Members are given two free walked up days and two subsidies walked up days.
  • Top woodcock and snipe ground
  • Normal private day here is £285/gun
  • Walked up, driven and rough shoot areas.
  • 1 block will be allocated as a rough shoot, book-and-go area.

Rough Shooting Area – Llyn Peninsula, Llanaelhaearn

  • A small 170-acre shoot
  • We use this for training dogs but there are good rabbit and fox here.

Rough Shooting Area – Boundary / Partridge on Moorland on Top of Mountain

  • New 300-acre moorland shoot.
  • 500 partridge for release in this area.
  • The odd covey of grouse is around. This is ideal for guns with pointers or small groups of up to 6 guns for a walked-up day.
  • Members get 2 days at £60/day
  • Private guests are at £32 a bird. Expect 35-40 mixed partridge, snipe, grouse.
  • September onwards.


Rough Shooting Area – Isle-of-Skye, Scotland

  • 9 miles south of Broadford, 7 miles north of Armadale.
  • 22,000 acres
  • 50% cost to members.
  • We have rough shoot walked up available at £110 per gun, subsidised by the club. Minimum of 4 persons.
  • Book through head office only.

Rough Shooting Area –  Dumfries and Galloway

  • Good wild fowling and goose shooting is available in season and it is available to members at a discounted rate.
  • Some pigeon shooting over crops.


Deer Stalking Area and Vermin Control – Sturminster Newton and Hinton St Mary’s 

  • Farm 1 – 300 acres of pigeon and vermin control
  • Farm 2 – 320 acres rough shooting. Canada geese regularly fly in to carp pond next door.
  • Farm 3 – 250 acres of rough shooting and pigeon shooting
  • Farm 4 – 160 acres of rough shooting and pigeon shooting
  • Farm 5 – 170 acres of rough shooting and pigeon shooting. There is a head of pheasant around and partridge, and a pond and flashes with duck – please do not shoot woodcock, snipe, moorhen or coot, and ground game such as hare please. Rabbits are okay.
  • Farm 5a – 45 acres of rough shooting and pigeon shooting
  • Book and go!

Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire

  • 30,000 acres
  • Wood pigeon, geese, duck and good rabbit with ferrets.

Northampton, near Ecton

  • 4,000 acres
  • Pigeon and rabbit shoot
  • Two walked up days held here for game birds and geese from September (subsidised by the club)

Various UK Wide

  • Variety of UK locations for duck and wildfowl shoots
  • Accessible with BASC membership.

Driven Walked Up Shoots

  • 8 days in North Wales, no cost to members or £120/gun for guests and non-members. Good quality walked up day and duck flight at the end of the day.
  • 4 walked up days in Anglesey or Lyn Peninsula, 2 x free and 2 x 50% subsided at keepers’ discretion. 2020-21 was all free.

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