Swoopert Magnet Kit with Free Pigeon Decoys


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Swoopert Magnet Kit with Free Pigeon Decoys

Swoopert Magnet with Free Pigeon Decoys Kit Includes

  • 12ah 12 volt battery, will last 7 hours
  • Green storage bag
  • 12v charger for the battery
  • 10 pigeon shell decoys completely FREE
  • 2 full bodies east anglian pigeons decoys FREE
  • 2 Air Pro Pigeon Decoys
  • 1 Swooper Magnet
  • 1 speed controler

The head on the magnet gives the option for ‘swooping’ decoys or dead birds, making it look even more realistic! If you don’t want to use the swooping option then you can adjust the magnet arms higher.

Fully telescopic body and arms High quality steel, powder-coated in green for long-lasting finish Adjustable arm angle to give you the perfect decoy height, whatever the terrain 3 spike trident provides great stability and flat packs

Removable v-sections, so you can use dead birds as well as decoys Straight extendable arms for easy transport

Set to the perfect speed for pigeons, or slower for crows using the speed controller Telescopic fully adjustable arms for easy transportation and storage, and the right height when decoying Telescopic motor height with adjustable arm angle for the right height over stubble as well as standing crop Top quality steel, finished in a high quality green paint 3 spike for base for fast installation and great stability

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Weight 4001 g

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